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Russian man moves objects using brain power

Russian man moves objects using brain power

Russian scientists are investigating a pancake salesman who is able to move a ping pong ball using only the power of his brain.

Vadim Kuzmenko has just passed a gruelling test at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering, which conducts research for Russia’s space programme.

Many scientists doubt the existence of telekinesis, but head of engineering Professor Yuri Popov said that he and his colleagues were “in no doubt” that Mr Kuzmenko possessed the gift.

The team monitored brain activity during the tests and checked the room for any magnetic or electrostatic influences.

They found that, when the ping pong ball started to move, Mr Kuzmenko’s brain was in a state of heightened activity.

Prof Popov said that Russia was actively researching paranormal aspects of the brain.

Rocket designer Konstantin Tsiolkovski predicted that one day cosmonauts would be able to communicate using brain energy alone.

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